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How To Use An E-Cig



Press the button on the battery 5 times simultaneously to activate the system and 5 times again to de-activate after you finished smoking.


Press the button on battery and inhale normally to enjoy the vapour.

Filling :

  • Turn clearomizer upside down, and unscrew base steel cap.
  • Tilt clearomizer at slight angle and squeeze in e-liquid to the sides.
  • Do not fill central air hole tube and do not exceed 1.6ml for Classic tank and 0.8ml for Slim tank.
  • Replace base steel cap and check to ensure no leakage.
  • Screw Clearomizer to charged battery and wait couple of minutes before use.


  • Remove clearomizer from battery
  • Screw battery in to the charger and plug in to any USB port.
  • Charging takes 3-4 hours for Classic tank battery , 2.5-3 hours for Slim tank battery.
  • Charging is indicated by glowing LED on the charger.
  • Red indicates charging, green indicates charge complete.