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Make the switch to electronic cigarettes today

Making the choice to switch to e-cigarettes is a choice for your body, for your wallet and for your convenience. Thanks to incredible advances in e-cig technology, you can save money and enjoy better health whilst still enjoying the pleasures of smoking. Go-Lites have harnessed the most advanced e cig technology to bring you a fantastic range of products and accessories to make your smoking pleasure just as enjoyable as tobacco smoking, and a whole lot cheaper too!

Better for your body

The dangers of smoking are widely recognised, and the impact it has on long term health is well known by most smokers today. Despite the warnings, the habit and pleasure of smoking are hard bonds to break, and without a suitable replacement many smokers who try to quit ultimately fail or return to smoking after short periods of abstinence.

Thanks to the wonders of the electronic cigarettes from Go-Lites, you have the ability to still enjoy the best parts of smoking, but without the usual dangers. Our e-cigarettes contain no harmful toxins, no tar, no carbon monoxide and none of the many other health damaging ingredients and carcinogens that regular tobacco contains. They do, however, contain nicotine, so a smoke with an e-cig can still have the calming and pleasurable experience that you have grown to need and love.

Better for your wallet

Our electronic cigarettes work out substantially more affordable than any other smoking option available. A regular 20 a day smoker can save a staggering £2189 annually by making the switch to Go-Lites e cig solution! What would you do with over £2,000?

Better for your social life

Because the ‘smoke’ from the electric cigarettes we sell is nothing more than harmless water vapour, you can enjoy smoking Go-Lites in the comfort of your own home, your car and even in pubs and restaurants without bothering those around you. Sneaking out mid-meal to huddle under a cold, damp shelter in the rain so you can enjoy a crafty smoke will now be a thing of the past, because our electric cigarettes are legal to smoke anywhere in the UK.

Forget smelling like an ash tray too. Smoking a Go-Lites e cigarette produces no odour at all, so you can expect your hair, your clothes and your home to smell better and that you will be more attractive to your friends and acquaintances.

This is not ‘giving up’

Many smokers feel they are not ready to ‘give up’ entirely. Despite the thousands of nicotine replacement products available today, smokers often feel that just getting their nicotine hit from another source is not enough. Smoking is a habit, a way of life, and carries a psychological link that is not fulfilled simply by supplying the drug in another format.

Every e cigarette we supply has been meticulously developed through years of research and development to give smokers the most realistic smoking experience possible. From the look and feel of the e-cig, to the inhaling of vapour and breathing out of ‘smoke’, from start to finish a smoke with an e cig is designed to replicate perfectly the feelings and sensations you know so well.

Free yourself from the chains of tobacco – choose a starter kit from Go-Lites today and begin your journey into the modern smoking alternative of electronic cigarettes.