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Go-Lites Compares Electronic Cigarettes With Traditional Tobacco

Discover how our Go-Lites electronic cigarettes measure up against traditional tobacco smokes. 


Go-Lites E-Cigs 

 Go-Lites electronic cigarettes and all of their complementing products (e-liquids, Cartomizers, chargers, etc.) have been specifically designed for use by existing smokers. They are to be used in conjunction with regular cigarettes, rather than as a stop smoking aid, providing a healthier alternative and helping smokers to cut down the total amount of real cigarettes they smoke every week. 

Go-Lites e-cigs are made up of two parts: the cartomizer, which acts as the cigarette, and the battery, which acts as the filter. They work by converting flavoured liquid nicotine into a vapour which is inhaled, replicating the sensation of a traditional cigarette. The textures and the tastes mimic that of a regular cigarette as closely as possible – when a cartomizer runs low, the taste even changes, just like the real thing. 

When inhaling the vapour from these electronic cigarettes, the only substance going into the smoker’s lungs is nicotine – the non-toxic substance that keeps smokers addicted. There are no harmful substances, toxic gases or dangerous compounds that can often be found in cigarettes. 

Go-Lites e-cigs are also incredibly cheap, compared to cigarettes. For just one week’s worth of smoking, an e-liquid is available for £3.99 – a drop in the ocean compared to the amount many smokers spend, which can be upwards of £20 per week. 

E-cigs are all 100% safe to use, and everything in the Go-Lites range comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied. A 12 month warranty for chargers and batteries is also included.


Tobacco Cigarettes  

It has been well documented over the years that cigarettes are bad for your health, contributing towards various illnesses and health problems that can have serious detrimental effects. However, many people enjoy smoking so much that the predicted health issues are not enough to deter them; not even heart disease or lung cancer.

Cigarettes contain a myriad of harmful chemicals that you can’t taste or see – in any given cigarette there are over 4,000 harmful chemicals, at least 400 of which are toxic. When a cigarette heats to over 700 degrees Celsius, the toxins within are produced and expelled as a by-product of the cigarette. Hardly any of them are caught by the filter, leaving lungs exposed to components like carbon monoxide and arsenic.

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The Result 

By comparison, Go-Lites electronic cigarettes are an excellent way to get a nicotine hit without exposing yourself and others to harmful substances. They are discreet, less harmful and cleaner, as well as the cost benefits that can put money back in your pocket at the end of every week.