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Go-Lites Cartomizers – Quick & Easy E-Cig Refills

Cartomizers are simply the e-cigarette refills which need to be replenished to enjoy the complete e-smoking experience. Our Cartomizers come in packs of two or five to suit all budgets, and each one is equivalent to more than thirty cigarettes – just two packs can reduce the cost of smoking by 70%, so the more you buy, the better value they are. Both packs come in the full range of Go-Lites flavours. Choose from: Regular: Standard-strength smoking for a good, old-fashioned nicotine kick Mild: A smoother smoke. If you are used to ‘light’ cigarettes, this is the choice for you. Mentol: Cool, minty vapour for those who like it fresh.

How will I know when to replace my Cartomizer?

You’ll know when it’s change to change the cartridge in your e-cig. Smoking will start to taste different, vapour production will be limited, and you may notice a slightly burnt taste to the smoke. Fear not! Our affordable e-cigarette refills can be delivered to your door in super-quick time, so you won’t have to go a day without your Go-Lites. Changing the cartridges is super quick and easy. When you receive your electronic cigarette refills from Go-Lites, just unscrew your existing Cartomizer from the base of the battery unit. Replace the old cartridge with the new one (taking care to remove the protecting plug in the end) and carry on using your e-cig exactly as you did before. Simple!

Delivery options – can’t wait for the post?

We understand that unexpectedly running out of cartridges, or missing a Go-Lites delivery can leave our clients with cravings they would struggle to satisfy. This could cause a relapse and might end up with a client heading to the shop for some traditional cigarettes – not on our watch! We offer a range of express shipping and delivery options to ensure that you can get your hands on your electronic cigarette refills as soon as possible, at a time that suits you. We also have a store locator online, so if you need to purchase your e-cig cartridges as a matter of urgency, you can find shops in your area that stock our exclusive electronic cigarette refill cartridges. Our clients need never be without their Go-Lites!