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Flavour electronic cigarette – Enjoy the real taste of smoking with one of our three flavours!

flavour-electronic- cigarette-image-1Are you struggling to stick to your electronic cigarette because it doesn’t taste as good as your regular cigarettes do? If you are being honest can you really see yourself smoking your e-cig indefinitely? Or do you think it won’t be long until you go back to the satisfying taste of the real thing? If the taste for true tobacco is starting to enter your thoughts then you need to purchase Go-Lites’ flavour electronic cigarette before you fall go back to those unhealthy fags.  Don't go back to sucking those miserable chemicals into your lungs.  Just start using a better e-cig.

The reason why a lot of the other electronic cigarettes on the market today prove to be ineffective is because they aren’t realistic enough. They don’t satisfy the consumer’s want for a true smoking experience. Our extensive research, clever design and manufacturing process, and access to different flavours mean that our flavour electronic cigarette is definitely a cut above the rest. You will get to have the real smoking experience without any of the damaging health effects.

When purchasing one of our flavoured electronic cigarettes you will have the choice between; regular, mild, and menthol. You will know which flavour is best for you by the sort of real cigarettes you used to smoke. Our regular flavour electronic cigarette is best suited for those who like a standard strength of smoke with a good kick of nicotine. The mild electronic cigarette does not have as heavy as a taste as the regular one; these are the equivalent to the light cigarettes sold today. And finally, our menthol electronic cigarettes emulate the cool and minty smoke experienced when smoking standard menthol cigarettes.

You won’t fall off track when using one of our flavoured electronic cigarettes. The smoking experience is so close to the real thing that you won’t even notice a difference. In fact, the only difference you will note is the improvement to your health. The absence of tobacco intake will improve your wellbeing substantially. And the best thing is; it’s easy for you to achieve this new healthier you because you don’t actually feel like you are making a change anyway.

And don’t worry; whilst our electronic cigarettes may be the closest version to the real thing that you will find, we don’t charge over the odds for them! In fact, our flavour electronic cigarette is one of the cheapest you will find on the internet today. We can guarantee you that it will also be much cheaper for you if you use one of our electronic cigarettes in comparison to carrying on smoking too.

Enjoy a realistic smoking experience without having to worry about your health. Kick the habit to the curve, stay away from the unrealistic electronic versions, and get your money’s worth with Go-Lites!