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What are Go-Lites?

Go-Lites are an exciting brand of electronic cigarettes created to deliver a simulated smoking experience that is as close to the real thing  as possible, without the harmful effects of inhaling fumes from tobacco cigarettes. They are a clean, cost effective way for smokers to get their nicotine supply with less harm to their health.

What ingredients do Go-Lites contain?

Go-Lites cartomizers contain a mix of liquid nicotine, tobacco flavouring, and water. They also contain Propylene Glycol and Glycerine, chemicals commonly used in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry. These simply help the nicotine mixture to vaporise and are considered safe by safety regulations. 

Who uses Go-Lites electronic cigarettes?

People switch to Go-Lites for many reasons. To save money, to reduce harm to their health from tobacco, as a step towards quitting, the list goes on. Since Go-Lites contain nicotine they are designed for existing smokers looking for an alternative, and are not intended for non-smokers. They are for use by adults only. 

Are Go-Lites only for people who want to quit smoking?

Go-Lites are not designed as a tool to quit smoking since they contain nicotine, but as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, many do use Go-Lites as a stepping stone to quitting smoking, while others use them long term to satisfy their nicotine craving, reduce the harm to their health, or simply to save money.

What are the effects of nicotine in Go-Lites?

Nicotine is a stimulant with addictive properties. By itself nicotine does not pose any great threat to your health. The effect of nicotine for the user are no different from that which you would get from an ordinary tobacco cigarette. The main difference is that you receive a nicotine hit without all the unnecessary toxins and tar contained in tobacco cigarette smoke, the main cause of harm to a smoker’s health.   

Where are Go-Lites made?

Go-Lites are designed in the UK and produced in abroad in state-of-the-art production facilities. 

How safe are Go-Lites?

Our products are produced to the highest specification to meet all required UK and EU standards and certified as compliant with all current requirements. 

What comes in a starter kit?

Full Starter Kit comes in a stylish carry case and retails at £26.99. Included in this is a rechargeable battery, 1 USB charger, and 3 cartomizers equivalent to 90 cigarettes. They come in a convenient to carry slide box.

We also do great Promotional Offers online for our customers. Keep checking our promotions page.

What is a cartomizer?

Cartomizer is the name given to our disposable filters which contain our unique blend of nicotine, tobacco flavours and water. Each contains the equivalent of 30 cigarettes.

How long does each cartomizer last?

Our promise to the customers is that each cartomizer will last more than 30 'cigarettes' ( 300 puffs  at 1.5 sec inhallation per puff ) unlike other companies who describe their capacity in approximate values.

Do Go-Lites produce actual smoke?

Go-Lites produce a realistic vapour that looks like smoke to simulate the action of smoking. However, the fumes are a combination of nicotine, tobacco flavouring and water that do not affect those around you and leave no lingering smells. As it does not contain all the chemicals in tobacco cigarettes it is less harmful to your health.

How do I charge my Go-Lites?

You will require a unique Go-Lites USB charger. Simply unscrew the battery from the cartomizer and screw it in clockwise to the round end of the USB charger. Insert the plug end of the charger in to any USB port to charge.

How long should a full recharge take?

A full recharge should take approximately 2 – 3 hours maximum.

How can I get assistance from Go-Lites?

To get friendly assistance from our Customer Service Team, whatever your query, Simply contact Go-Lites on 0800 014 1345. Our advisors are available Monday – Friday 9:30 – 6 PM.  

Can I use my Go-Lites anywhere?

Electronic cigarettes fall outside the current Smoking Ban. This means they can be used practically anywhere unless specifically stated. There is no legislation that prevents their use in public places so you can smoke with total freedom whenever, where ever.  

However, it will be purely up to the discretion of the management of the place where you intend to use.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping can take 1 - 2 working days.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Go-Lites electronic cigarettes are made up of 2 parts: a rechargeable battery front section and a liquid filled disposable filter called a cartomizer. The battery includes a heater that warms the liquid mix of nicotine, flavouring and water to create a vapour. This vapour is inhaled by the smoker through the cartomizer filter just like regular smoke. This simple method delivers nicotine to the user for a healthier, cleaner smoke. 

Are Go-Lites healthier than traditional cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are considered healthier as they do not expose your lungs to the thousands of chemicals and tar found in tobacco cigarette smoke. All you get is the nicotine to satisfy your craving.

Why does my throat feel sore when I use my Go-Lites?

As you are no longer breathing in tobacco smoke your body may experience some changes. Some people get a slight sore throat for a few days while they adjust. Some find that their nose runs initially but this is common as your body cleans itself of the effects of tobacco cigarettes.

Why are Go-Lites electronic cigarettes better than other brands?

Our products are designed to give you the maximum usage and satisfaction. Unlike some brands where each cartomizer claims to deliver 30 or 40 cigarettes worth of nicotine but often do not, our products are designed to deliver what we say on the pack for long lasting performance and satisfaction. Our batteries are designed to be recharged and re-used up to 300 times.

Are Go-Lites cheaper than tobacco cigarettes?

Apart from the health benefits, the main incentive for many who switch to Go-Lites are the savings. With 10 tobacco cigarettes costing around £4 per pack these days, you only pay £5.99 for 60 cigarettes worth in a pack of cartomizers. That means savings of over £2,0000 per year for the average ‘20 a day’ smoker.

 Use the Savings Calculator on our website to calculate how much we could save you. You’ll be amazed.  


What cartomizer flavours are available?

Our cartomizers come in a selection of 3 flavours. Regular – for a stronger kick, Mild – for those who prefer a smoother, lighter smoke, and Menthol – for a cool, fresh taste.

What nicotine level is found in Go-Lites cartomizers?

In our Regular cartomizers nicotine content is 14mg, and in the Mild and Menthol 12mg.

How do I replace a cartridge?

All you need do is unscrew the cartomizer anti-clockwise to remove it from the battery. Screw the replacement cartomizer in to the battery and continue to enjoy.   

Where can I buy more cartomizers?

Very simple. You can buy Go-Lites online or from selected retailers. You can use our Store Locator on our homepage to see where.  http://go-lites.co.uk/location/ 

Can I change a half used cartridge if I want to try another flavour?

Of course. Simply switch the cartomizers over to try another flavour.


Who can order Go-Lites products?

Customers who seek a healthier alternative to tobacco. However, as Go-Lites contain nicotine they are not for sale to minors and we do not suggest them for anyone who is not already a smoker.   

How can I order Go-Lites products?

You can order Go-Lites simply and easily online for quick delivery by post. For orders over £50 delivery is absolutely free. Place your order today.

Can I order Go-Lites products offline?

Of course. You can find Go-Lites in hundreds of retail outlets across the country. Find out where your nearest retailer is by entering your postcode in our online Store Locator.  

What should I purchase for my very first order?

We recommend customers go for the full starter kit which contains everything to get you started including a battery, USB charger and 3 cartomizers equal to 90 cigarettes. These are available in 3 great flavours – regular, mild and menthol.

How do I place an order?

As you are online simply select the products that you require from each category on the main screen and proceed to check out. 

Alternatively, you can contact our Sales Team on 0203 542 2912 for assistance with your purchase.  

How do I track my order?

Orders of over £50 pounds or more are free delivery. You will be issued an order number when you complete your transaction. E-mail updates will be sent to you to inform the status of your order.  

How do promo codes work?

Promo codes are easy to use. They offer discounts online by entering a simple code once at the checkout. You can get them at our Promotional locations around the UK or online if you register with us.  

How do I apply my coupon code?

Once you are in the Shopping Cart you will be asked for a Discount Code. Simply type in the code and click APPLY COUPON to receive a reduction on the Retail Price before proceeding to check out.


Where do Go-Lites ship?

Go-Lites ship anywhere in the UK.  

How long does shipping take?

Normally 1 – 2 working days.

How much does shipping cost and which services do you use?

We use Royal Mail 1st Class and TNT courier services depending on the order value. Our Standard delivery charge is £2.99 while Recorded delivery is £3.99. 


How do I charge the Go-Lites battery?

Recharging is very easy. Simply purchase a unique Go-Lites USB charger. You then screw the battery unit in to the round end of the charger and then plug the charger in to any device with a USB port, like a laptop or TV.

How long does it take to fully charge a Go-Lites battery?

A full recharge takes up to 3 hours.

How long should the battery last between charges?

On average a fully charged battery lasts between a day and half a day, depending on usage. For light users it can last several days.

How do I know when my Go-Lites battery needs recharging?

Each battery comes with a green LED on the tip. During normal usage the light will glow a steady green. A low battery is indicated when the LED flashes green for 2-3 seconds.  

How often should I replace my batteries?

Our batteries are designed to recharge up to 300 times. Assuming you need to charge your battery every day, each battery should give you several months good service. 


Why is my Go-Lites battery flashing?

A flashing battery indicates that the battery is running low and needs recharging.

How do I assemble a Go-Lites cigarette?

Our Single Starter Kits come fully charged and assembled. You simply break open the pack, remove the protective dust cap from the cartomizer and make sure the battery is fully screwed in. You are now ready to start ‘smoking’.  

How do I smoke Go-Lites?

Go-Lites are an electronic cigarette and are smoked in much the same way as regular cigarettes. You don’t need a lighter. Simply ensure the dust cap has been removed from the cartomizer, place your mouth around the tip and inhale to get a great tasting vapour.

Inhaling for 1.5 – 2 seconds is equivalent to taking a single dose from a regular cigarette.

How do I store a Go-Lite?

Go-Lites are robust and do not need special care apart from regular charging. Tips that are not in use should be stored upright in a cool, dry place.


How can I cancel or amend my order?

Contact us on 0800 014 1345 for any changes to your order. Please have your online order number ready.

What do I do if I need to return an item?

Any items bought online can be returned by post to Go-Lites Returns, 6 connaught road Ilford Essex IG1 1QT along with proof of purchase. If you have problem, please contact us beforehand on 0800 014 1345 so that we may resolve it for you.  

If you have bought a faulty item from a local retailer most good retailers will exchange it for a new one.

How does the 30 Day Money Back Promise work?

To demonstrate our commitment to service and quality we offer a 30 Day Money Back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. Simply return the item to us and we will give you a full refund. 

Do Go-Lites come with a warranty?

All of our products come with a full 12 month warranty to cover any defects. Standard wear and tear is covered. Should you experience any problems please contact us on 0800 014 1345 


How do I create an account?

On the top right hand corner of the screen is the Option to Log In or Register a new account. Simply click on this and enter your details to create an account.

How do I manage my account?

Customers can log in using a secure password to check their account details and history. Customers will be updated via e-mail on News and future Promotions.

How do I change my existing password?

To change your password please go to the login screen and click on Forgot Your Password. Once you confirm your e-mail address you will receive a link to re-set your password. Simply click the link to set and confirm your new password.

What should I do if I forget my password/login details?

Follow the instructions as above.


Where is the company located?

We are located at:

Go-Lites 6 connaught road Ilford Essex IG1 1QT

How long have Go-Lites been operating?

Go-Lites were established in 2012.

How can I receive support from the company?

To contact us call on 0800 014 1345 or visit the website. If you have any questions Live Chat is here to assist.

Can I work for the company as an affiliate?

Any individuals or parties interested to become a Go-Lites affiliate should contact Go-Lites directly on

0203 542 2912 with their enquiry. Or e-mail us on contact@go-lites.co.uk or support@go-lites.co.uk 

Full details can be found in the Contacts section of our website or find below.

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