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Electronic cigarette in UK – Your solution to the indoor smoking ban!

electronic-cigarettes-in-uk-image-1Are you sick of having to go outside every time you fancy a cigarette? There is nothing worse than enjoying a nice drink in the pub with your friends only to have to go outdoors every time you want a smoke. And when you consider the weather in the UK this usually involves getting soaking wet too! Well with Go-Lites electronic cigarette not only can you smoke indoors all over the country but you can do so without inhaling any harmful chemicals too. You kill two birds with one stone!

There is no doubt that the indoor cigarette ban in the UK has come at a great inconvenience to those who smoke. But, why not use this an opportunity? Why not see this as a chance to kick the habit once and for all? We are sure you don’t want to sport yellow teeth and smelly hair for the rest of your life! Nor will you want to struggle to breathe easily either! Use Go-Lites’ electronic cigarette in UK to get rid of all of the harmful effects associated with traditional smoking whilst still technically enjoying a cigarette – and even better you will have the added advantage of being able to do so indoors!

We know what you’re thinking; how is an electronic cigarette going to give the same taste and sensation of smoking the real thing? Well, let us explain how it works. We use a simple heater and a liquid filled cartridge. The nicotine will then be mixed with the water and consequently turned into a vapour cloud. This is inhaled in the exact same way as it would be if you were smoking a regular cigarette. All of our customers have told us that our electronic cigarette in UK really is like smoking the real thing. And this is only enhanced by the fact that we have three different flavours available; regular, mild, and menthol.

In fact, the only difference between our cigarettes and the ones you are smoking right now is the fact that you won’t inhale any harmful chemicals nor will you release any into the environment either. Because of this you will be able to smoke wherever you like. Remember those long plane journeys you once couldn’t face because you couldn’t go that long without a cigarette? Well, now you can! Remember those bruises you wake up with after pushing past everyone to get to the smoking area outside the nightclub? Well, you won’t get those anymore either! Our electronic cigarette gives you not only a healthier life but a more enjoyable one too!