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Try out e-liquids today with our exclusive special offers!

Our fantastic new e-liquids are the perfect accompaniment to the existing range of Go-Lites ProTank kits and electronic cigarettes. Created from only the finest ingredients, and completely free of all harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, our eliquids are of the highest quality in the UK, and provide great value for money for all users. In order to encourage more people to discover the benefits of our e-cigs, we have launched an exclusive special offer for those who purchase any of our e-liquids.


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Choose from the full range of different flavours. Whether you want a blast of freshness with Menthol Candy, a fruity twist with Berry Fusion, or that familiar taste of Classic Tobacco, we have the flavours that will get you ‘vaping’ in no time. All eliquids come in different strengths, including a nicotine-free option, for those who have beaten their cravings but still need to kick the habit. Each e-liquid bottle is designed to simply refill the tank on your existing EVOD or ELUV ecigarette system. The 10ml bottles are intended to last an entire week, providing a cost-effective option for any smokers when compared to the cost of a packet of regular cigarettes. Four 10ml bottles at £3.99 each will last for four whole weeks, compared with a 20-a-day smoking habit, which can cost around £200 per month to sustain. Try out our eliquids today – you could end up saving hundreds, and will experience a better quality of life when not placing such a great strain on your health and wellbeing.