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E-cig starter kits in UK – Kick the tobacco once and for all with Go-Lites!

e-cig-starter-kits-in-uk-image-1We’re not going to tell you that smoking is bad for you; you know this already! We’re not going to tell you that you should pack the cigarettes in; you know this already too! Instead, what Go-Lites are going to do is present you with the perfect solution. This is a way that you can keep on enjoying the smoking experience but without suffering the harmful effects of tobacco.

Go-Lites are the manufacturers of one of the best electronic cigarette ranges in the whole of the country. Our e-cig starter kits in UK have received particularly recognition because of their value for money. For £26.99 you get to enjoy the equivalent of 90 cigarettes as the kit compromises of a full rechargeable battery unit and three cartomizers. Let’s say you currently smoke Benson & Hedges Gold. You can expect to pay approximately £4.20 for a pack of ten. For 90 cigarettes you would have to pay £37.80. That’s over ten pounds more than the entire starter kit. You should also bear in mind that once you have used the e-cig starter kit all you need afterwards is cartomizers. You can purchase one of these for £5.99.

So what’s different about Go-Lites e-cig starter kits in UK in comparison to all of the other electronic cigarettes and solutions available to kick smoking? How do you know that this isn’t just going to be another product that you try for a few weeks and then revert back to smoking regular cigarettes? Well, we’ll tell you why... because our electronic cigarettes are just like smoking. A simple heater and liquid filled cartridge are used to mix the nicotine with water and create a vapour cloud which is inhaled in the exact same way as a cigarette is. We even have three different flavours to suit all tastes; regular, mild and menthol. The only difference is the fact that our cigarettes do not use tobacco. Thus, they don’t produce harmful tar and carcinogens. It is these dangerous chemicals that cause health problems, not nicotine! Thus we provide you with the healthy smoking solution – there’s no catch.

If you don’t want to give up smoking but you do want to give up the damaging health effects associated with it then Go-Lites electronic cigarettes offer the perfect solution for you.