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About Go-Lites Electronic Cigarettes

About Go-Lites

Go-Lites are premier manufacturers of the revolutionary e-cigarettes which are sweeping the world right now. We focus on delivering high-quality products and great value for money, offering total satisfaction to our clients while they kick the difficult habit of smoke. It is our mission to allow smokers to continue enjoying the pleasure they get from the smoking experience, without the harmful substances and the expensive outlay that come with traditional cigarettes.

What are Go-Lites e-cigs?

Go-Lites are one of the best electronic cigarette brands on the market in the UK. They are the innovative, modern alternative to smoking, delivering the same pleasure but without the pain that comes with tar-filled, carbon monoxide-emitting, taxed-up-to-the-eyeballs cigarettes. Our tobacco-free e-cigs are the perfect solution to every modern smoker’s needs.

How do e-cigs work?

The premise behind electronic cigarettes is simple. The cigarettes themselves contain a basic heater and a liquid-filled cartridge. Nicotine is mixed with water, and the heat turns the mixture into a vapour cloud, which is inhaled the same way you might inhale smoke from a regular cigarette. Many who buy e-cigarettes tell us that our products really do feel like the real thing– they even exhale that familiar cloud of ‘smoke’, too. The only difference is that, instead of inhaling toxic fumes and harmful chemicals, you are getting a lungful of flavour and a hit of nicotine that will stop cravings dead in their tracks.

What are the benefits of e-cigarettes?

Free from tobacco and tar. Electronic cigarettes are entirely void of tobacco and tar, two of the most harmful substances within regular cigarettes. The health risks that many associate with smoking are well-documented, and many blame nicotine for a number of the side-effects, but the real culprits are the tar within, and the carcinogens which are produced from burning through tobacco. E-cigarettes remove these substances from the equation, potentially saving lives.

Smoke-free, smell-free! When you buy e-cigarettes from Go-Lites, you might notice that your popularity suddenly rises! This is because you no longer have breath like an ash-tray, hair that smells like a crowded pub, and clothes with that lingering smell of old smoke. E-cigs allow you to enjoy the pleasures of smoking whilst smelling fresh – especially if you choose our tasty menthol-flavoured eliquids!

Savings, savings, savings. The financial outlay that comes with smoking traditional cigarettes can be an eye-opener. The average smoker in the UK smokes twenty-a-day, but this habit can amount to £2,000+ over the course of just a single year. Saving money as a smoker doesn’t have to mean giving up – ecigs can slash the cost of smoking by as much as 70%, freeing up your money to spend on the home, a holiday, a new wardrobe or just the everyday expenses that come with living in post-recession Britain.

Safe indoor smoking – at last! Since the smoking ban came into play, many smokers have found their social lives have taken a hit because they spend so long outside in the smoking area because they’re craving a nicotine hit. Ecigarettes produce no odours or harmful chemicals, and they are entirely legal to smoke indoors – never again will you miss out on a hilarious punch-line down the pub, or the arrival of the desserts at dinner because you are huddled under a shelter with your cigarette!

The healthier outlook with Go-Lites

We believe that one of the most important benefits of switching to ecigarettes are those which affect your health in a positive way. When swapping tar-ridden cigarettes for ecigs and eliquids, health benefits can include: Easier breathing, reduced risk of emphysema Reduced chance of prolonged coughs and colds More stamina for cardiovascular exercise Improved sense of taste and smell Fewer dental problems Reduced yellow staining of teeth and fingers Disappearance of smoker’s breath Fresh smelling clothes and hair Reduced risk of many forms of cancer These are just a few of the reasons to make the switch. Browse our website to find out more, or order one of our e-cig starter kits and clean up your lungs today!