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Completely changed my view of regular cigarettes! Since starting with Go-Lites I've been able to go days without a real cigarette, and when I eventually have one I feel like I'm not enjoying it. Go-Lites have really helped me to cut down drastically on regular cigarettes and choose a healthier path. Definitely recommended! - By Stuart 

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Electronic Cigarettes from Go-Lites


As the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic cigarettes, we understand that kicking the habit is never easy. At Go-Lites, we have combined the very latest in cutting-edge e-cig technology to create premium electronic cigarettes and eliquids that offer smokers a healthier, cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes. Whether you want to give up for the sake of your health, or for the good of your bank balance, we are the country’s premier retailer of e-cigs, Cartomizers, Protanks, e-liquids and other accessories that can help make quitting a breeze.

Electronic cigarettes are specifically designed to help people cut down on cigarettes, or kick the habit entirely. We all know the benefits of quitting smoking; health and wellbeing is increased, lifespans are lengthened, teeth and nails become whiter, the ageing process is slowed down and the amount of disposable income that is not going on cigarettes often means that people are far better off financially. But the addiction is often more appealing than the potential benefits.

At Go-Lites, we want to help our clients experience all of these benefits, enjoying a healthier lifestyle with more money in the bank. Our premium ecigs are designed to be used by existing smokers; they help the user to cut down their tar and carbon monoxide intake, and they can stop the build-up of harmful substances in the lungs and throughout the body. Along with common medication such as nicotine patches, lozenges or chewing gum, many of our clients successfully beat their cravings and enjoy a healthier lifestyle free from traditional cigarettes.

The Go-Lites Guarantee – UK’s Best E-Cigs

At Go-Lites, our clients come first. All of our electronic cigarettes are competitively priced and manufactured to the highest quality, to ensure that our clients get the very best products at the lowest prices – guaranteed. We also offer:

-      Free delivery on all orders over £50

-      A 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our products

-      A 12-month warranty with all batteries and chargers

No other UK e-cig provider offers this level of security – we strive for excellence, and we want to offer our clients the very best.

Our complete range of eliquids are also of the highest quality, with delicious flavours and different sizes to choose from. Whatever you might be craving, we have the e-liquid flavour that will give you the kick that you need. If you’re missing that unique tobacco taste, our mild and regular e-cigs are high-quality replicas of traditional cigarettes, minus the harmful chemicals and addictive substances. If you want to try something new, we offer a delicious range of eliquid flavours, including menthol, berry fusion, grape, vanilla and cherry.

If you need any assistance choosing your first Go-Lites product, whether it is an electronic cigarette starter kit, or a bottle of eliquid, or even if you’re an existing client looking to try something new, please get in touch with our helpful and friendly team. We will be happy to point you in the right direction and ensure that you are getting the stop-smoking solution you deserve. 

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